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[2024] CPD course: Fundamental of PIC/S GMP related to Secondary Packaging (CPD/L/02/2018)
[2024] CPD course: Pharmaceutical Law & Administration in Hong Kong (CPD/L/01/2018)
Invitation to The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong 75th Anniversary Dinner
Meeting with Legislative Council Member, Dr Hon David LAM Tzit-yuen (2022.05.03)
COSH Kick-off event of Smoke-free Publicity Programme for World No Tobacco Day 2021 (2021.05.31)
2019新型冠狀病毒(COVID-19),藥劑師如何建議? (2020.02.12 更新)
香港藥學會疫苗注射外展工作 (2019.11.29)
Understanding the Electronic Health Record Sharing System- New Milestone New Horizon (2019.09.13)
西貢翠塘花園及對面海村藥物諮詢服務 (2019.08.03)
藥劑及毒藥管理局「藥劑師專業發展專案組」 會議內容重點 (2019.4.2)
相「藥」在沙田 (2019.07.19)
Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Journal
PSHK Practical Flu and Seasonal Vaccinations Training Workshop
2018-19年度施政報告諮詢會 (20180809)
與藥房總商會代表及其藥房藥劑師會面 (20180814)
Meeting with PASS Secretariat (20180814)
粵港澳大灣區醫療機構發展暨醫療人材培訓研討會 (20180806-08)
Meeting with LegCo members about Residential Care Home Services (20180727)
Meeting with FHB and HKU (20180802)
Meeting with Pfizer (20180710)
Interview by IQVIA
Social club
Professional Training for Pharmacists on Dementia Care
Advancing Hong Kong Pharmacy Profession Development – Local Continuing Education Programme
[PASS-01] Osteoporosis Screening and Management
[PASS-05] Gastrointestinal Diseases
[PASS-06] Cardiovascular Disorders
[PASS-07] Common geriatric syndromes on bones health
[PASS-08] Evidence-based practice and application of clinical guidelines
[PASS-09] Automation and Telehealth in Modern World
[PASS-10] Chronic Kidney Disease
One-day Symposium "Pharmaceutical Care for Healthy Aging’
[PASS-11] Infectious diseases in the older adults
[PASS-12] Urological Disorders
Pharmaceutical Continuing Development Course
2024 - CPD course: Fundamental of PIC/S GMP related to Secondary Packaging (CPD/L/02/2018)
2024 - CPD course: Pharmaceutical Law & Administration in Hong Kong (CPD/L/01/2018)
Meeting/ consultation
2018 First GC Meeting
Meeting with The Pharmaceutical Distributors Association of HK
Meeting with Hospital Authority Management Representatives
Health Services Sector Meeting with Food and Health Bureau
Meeting with Professor Sophia Chan, Secretary for Food and Health
Meeting with Pfizer
Consultation Session on the District Health Centre Pilot Project in Kwai Tsing District
Meeting with DH about 安老院舍藥物管理指南
Meeting with Professor Ian Wong
Previous Events
Hong Kong Pharmacy Conference 2013 [23-24 March 2013]
2012 Joint Conference of Drug Safety Research Centres [21 November 2012]
8th Asian Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology [25-27 Oct, 2013]
Pre-Conference Meeting, 2012 Joint Conference of Drug Safety Research Centres, Eye Hospital [20 November 2012]
FAPA Congress in Bali, Indonesia [13-16 September 2012]
The 12th Asian Conference of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP 2012) [7-9 July, 2012]
PSHK Forensic Lectures on Pharmacy Legislation 2012 [April - May, 2012]
Third Annual Symposium on Pharmacovigilance [19 March, 2012]
Inauguration Ceremony of CUHK Pharmacy Society Pharmablaze 2018
Highlights on the FIP Advocacy summit on pharmacists immunization rights 2018
Forbidden City Forum 2018
天虹小學 Dreamstarter Project - 藥物小精靈
HKU Inauguration of Endowed Professorships - Professor Ian Wong
Visit by Leicester School of Pharmacy, the UK
The Hong Kong Asthma Society: World Asthma Day 2018
PSHK Forensic Lectures on Pharmacy Legislation 2018
Health Promotion Symposium cum Central Health Education Unit 40th Anniversary Celebration
HKAPI 50th Anniversary Dinner
Free Webinars on Pharmacy Practice
Hong Kong Biopharmaceutical Forum 2018
Forensic Lecture 2018 Commenced
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PSHK 2019 Meeting Minutes
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PSHK 2017 Meeting Minutes
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PSHK Submissions
Letter to The Pharmacy and Poisons Board about Oversupply of Pharmacists in Hong Kong
PSHK Response to the 2018-19 Budget
PSHK Submission for the 2018/19 Budget
PSHK Submission on Policy Address Consultation_Aug 2017
PSHK Position Statement On Regulation of Human Tissue and Monitoring of Clinic & Beauty Salons
PSHK Submission on Budget Consultation_Dec 2017
PSHK Response to Policy Address by Mrs. Carrie Lam
Letters to Bills Committee 2014
PSHK eHealth Record Consultation Document 2012
Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Journal
PSHK Newsletter
PSHK OTC Handbook
PSHK 60th Anniversary Publication
Department of Health Notices
Miscellaneous Documents
Reference Frameworks for Diabetes and Hypertension Care for Adults in Primary Care Settings
CEPA VIII Mainland Regulations
PSHK guideline on dispensing to nursing homes v2.0
PSHK President Report 2017
PSHK Response to Misinformation about Flu Vaccination
Press Releases
Press Release on Drug Premises (Chinese) [17-8-2015]
Press release on Pharmacist Training and Written Order [29 April, 2012]
Joint Press Conference by PSHK and HKU on Drug Wastage [25 Mar, 2013]
人口老化增醫療體系壓力 藥進基層,優化安老院舍藥物管理助紓困
Promotion of PSHK Medicine Therapy Management MTM Pilot Project in Kwai Tsing on TVB
RTHK interview on PSHK Kwai Tsing Medicine Therapy Management Pilot Project
PSHK Kwai Tsing Medication Therapy Management Initiative Launched
香港立法會衛生事務委員會 - 葵青區地區康健中心試點計劃
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Membership Benefit - BenePanda
Medicines Complete for PSHK Members
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1998 Anniversay Dinner
1999 Beat Drug Exhibition 1999
2003 First Aid Class 2003
2005-05-07 Beat Drug Seminar 2005
2005-05-28 Say No to Smoke Campaign
2005-10-15 Pharmacy Conference 2005
Pharmacy Conference 2005 Day1
Pharmacy Conference 2005 Day1 Dinner
Pharmacy Conference 2005 Day2
2005-10-22 Protect the Elderly from Falling Exhibition
2005 Lectures on Pharmacy Legislation 2005
2006-02-13 Let s Beat the Flu Campaign
2006-10-21 Pharmacy Conference 2006
Pharmaceutical Company
Open Ceremony & Speech
2011-10-23 香港政府華員會與梁唐交流座談會
2011 The Forbidden City International Pharmacist Forum
2011 PSHK Annual General Meeting
2012-03-22 'Pharmsanity - your road to the HK pharmacy future with PSHK' [Talk at HKU]
2012 The Forbidden City International Pharmacist Forum
2012-09-22 Visit to Chi Lin Elderly Care & Attention Centre by Macao Pharmaceutical Society
2013-04-02 World Health Day 2013: Hypertension - A Silent Killer - Preventable and Treatable
2013 PSHK Annual General Meeting
2014-12-09 PSHK AGM 2014
2015-05 Forbidden City Forum [8-10th May]
2015 PSHK Annual General Meeting
2016-12-03 PSHK AGM 2016
2018 The Hong Kong Asthma Society: World Asthma Day 2018
2018 HKAPI 50th Anniversary Dinner
2018 Health Promotion Symposium cum Central Health Education Unit 40th Anniversary Celebration
2018 Forbidden City Forum
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