PSHK Code of Ethics / C&A

1. A Pharmacist’s prime concern is for the welfare of the patients and the general public.
2. A Pharmacist shall uphold the honour and dignity of the profession and not engage in any activity which may bring the profession into disrepute.
3. A Pharmacist shall maintain a high standard of professional conduct, avoid any act or omission which may impair confidence in the profession, and maintain an efficient pharmaceutical service.
4. A Pharmacist shall respect the confidentiality of information relating to patients and their families. Even in the best interest of the patient such information must not be disclosed without the consent of the patient or his/her guardian unless the interest of the patient and the public requires it.
5. A Pharmacist shall keep abreast of the progress of pharmaceutical knowledge in order to maintain a high standard of professional competence.
6. A Pharmacist must neither agree to practise under any conditions which compromise professional independence or judgement nor impose such conditions on other Pharmacists.
7. Publicity for professional services shall be dignified and shall not bring the professional into disrepute.
8. Pharmaceutical services provided directly to the public shall be carried out in premises which reflect the professional character of pharmacy.
9. A Pharmacist shall at all time co-operate with professional colleagues and members of other health-care professions to the benefit of patients and the public.

(Adopted by members of The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong on 28 November 1995 )

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