Message from Mr SUNG Ming Tat, Dick

President of The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong


As the new president of this outstanding society, I am humbled and honoured and hope I can fulfill fellow pharmacists' expectations of me.

Coronavirus has shaken the very foundations of our health care system. The pandemic has brought unparalleled challenges that have stretched personal and professional resilience to the limit. Over the last year, people in all parts of the world were required to re-evaluate, re-think, and re-engineer how they engaged in their daily activities. Pandemic restrictions, as well as social unease and unrest have caused many to stop and reflect on how they interact with the world.

So, we are open for discussions and will consistently listen to our members and the wider profession to understand the experience of pharmacists during the pandemic.We noted that Pharmacist and their support staff are working extremely hard on the frontline to support the public and they are critical to the COVID-19 response. 

We believe the role of pharmacist must be fully utilised when providing vaccination and testing services whilst ensuring it is a safe environment to do so. There is huge potential for pharmacy teams to be further developed as healthcare providers and public health hubs.

Any decision to implement mass COVID-19 vaccination and testing should explore using the clinical expertise, knowledge and accessibility of pharmacists and their teams to maximise access to these services.

We are continuing to talk to the Government about contingency plans, looking at measures to enable pharmacists to play more important role in this unprecedented situation, and to ensure pharmacists and their teams are supported to deliver the best patient care.

Hopefully, after acquiring sufficient experience with COVID vaccinations, the current flu vaccination programme could then be further resourced to provide access to other vaccines, such as childhood immunisation and travel vaccinations, safely and efficiently utilising trained pharmacists and pharmacy teams. 

The decisions and actions we take now will be critical in crafting the future we want for pharmacy and our patients.We must continue to improve patient experience,ensuring the profession’s fullest potential is utilised to improve patient care and contribute to the sustainability of our health system.

I’m really lucky to work with a team of highly devoted GC members  who are known for their wisdom and dedication. They have surely planned various initiatives and events, which will ensure that PSHK reaches out to all its members.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Together we can make a difference!




Mr. Dick SUNG


The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong


Jan 2021

President's Message