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The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong will be launching the Community Pharmacist Training Programme starting in October 2016.  The programme is designed gearing towards improving medication management knowledge and skills for community practitioners.  A survey was conducted in early 2016 to identify the knowledge gaps in pharmaceutical care and delivery, the captioned programme will be providing training on healthcare topics with the purpose of closing these gaps.  The topics covered were found to either have a general knowledge deficit or that are utilized on a daily basis and of utmost importance in improving public health.  Pharmacists who have completed all four (4) of the lectures/workshops will be awarded with a “Certificate of Completion”.

The first of the four lecture series will be on metabolic diseases.  Dr. Stanley Leung, Pharm.D., from the United States will be providing information on disease management updates as well as pearls in providing medication therapy management (MTM) services in a community pharmacy.  Please refer to the attached programme flyer and course objectives for details.

An adjunct seminar on the “Management of Asthma” will also take place in October.  Dr. Selina Quan Leung, Pharm.D., ambulatory care pharmacy supervisor, Kaiser Permanente, California USA, will highlight patient assessment services that could be implemented in an ambulatory setting for asthma patients.  Placebo devices generously donated by various pharmaceutical companies will be utilized during the lecture.

All trainings are provided free of charge.  Registration will be handled on the a first-come basis.  Please follow the instructions on the registration form and register on or before 3-OCTOBER.  Twenty-five (25) seats are reserved for pharmacists who have participated in the pre-training survey. 

Thank you for your participations.  Any questions and/or comments could be send to


Training Project Team, PSHK

Overview of all coursesCourse 1

Details and Course Objectives

Please download the registration form HERE.

Community Pharmacist Training Programme 2016