Message from Ms PONG Scarlett Oi Lan, BBS, JP

President of The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong
Welcome to the Homepage of the Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong (PSHK). First, I would like to thank you all for electing me as President of this distinguished society and am honoured to be granted the immense responsibility which carries the earnest expectation of our members.
Since its inception in 1949, the Society has been led by many great Presidents striving for the development of pharmaceutical services and building up a healthy population in Hong Kong. I believe that my experiences as Chairman, Steering Committee of the Alliance for Healthy Cities, Western Pacific Region; Part time member, Central Policy Unit, HKSAR; Board Member of Hospital Authority and at district level, in charge of the World Health Organisation’s Age Friendly Cities and Healthy Cities etc. will help to uphold our visions by adopting the community bottom-up and international top-down approaches with the implementation of appropriate policies.
In view of the ageing population and the increasing global/ local healthcare needs, I would like to explore further room for the development of pharmaceutical services in the community, seize new opportunities for our young pharmacists, foster exchanges & co-operations with the Mainland, forge closer international connections and therefore enhance professionalism and recognition of our profession in all sectors.
I will also take the initiative to care and listen more, act more proactively to respond to the aspirations and needs of our members. With our concerted efforts, we are dedicated to building up a healthy Hong Kong society.
Please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at 95302939 with your views or suggestions.
Ms Scarlett PONG, BBS, JP
The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong

Jan 2018

President's Message